Maceió, capital of Alagoas, is surrounded by lakes, a sea that merges the turquoise and emerald green beaches and beautiful gardens adorned by palm trees. Known as “Paradise of Waters”, is considered as the “Brazilian Caribbean” due to its natural beauties that attract tourists from around the world.

Your name is Tupi. The Indians named their place “Macayo” or “Maçai-ok”, which means “that covers the marsh.” Historians claim that the capital of the State of Alagoas was born of an old sugar mill, by the 18th century. For others, being seaside, its emergence is linked to a small fishing village. Whatever its origin, the sea or sugar, Maceio is a place blessed by Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres.

The culture is expressive and remarkable mainly for its rich folklore, and their artists, writers, and musicians such as singer-songwriter Djavan and poet Ledo Ivo. Among the folklore, there are amusements as Caboclinho, Carvalhada, Chegança, Bumba Meu Boi, Coco de Alagoas, Festa de Reis, Guerreiro, Pastoril, Reisado, Quilombo and Zabumba. The craft is represented by the “filé” (a type of embroidery) and the pottery that delights everyone for their creativity, originality, and beauty.


Maceio, the city of reasons to fall in love. From beaches to natural pools full of colorful fish, the beauty of nature lives in harmony with the city and its cultural and historical charms. In the climate or perfect sea to relax, there’s an inviting allure in Maceió.

The beaches of Pajuçara, Ponta Verde, Jatiuca and Cruz das Almas are in urban areas and they are part of the waterfront of Maceió, considered the most beautiful in Brazil. There you can enjoy excellent hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, bike paths and a boardwalk with kiosks. In the late afternoon, it turns into a perfect runway to practice physical activities or simply to enjoy the sunset. You can also visit the beaches of the north coast as Ipioca, Pratagy, Praia da Sereia, Riacho Doce, Garça Torta, Guaxuma and Jacarecica.


Meeting Maceio, its beauties, stories, and locations guarantee unforgettable moments. Those who visit the capital of Alagoas have to walk on the waterfront of Maceio, the most beautiful and enlightened in Brazil. Taking coconut water, enjoy ice cream of cajá, mango, graviola. And in the evening, eating tapioca and enjoy the rafts in the swing of the sea.

Where to go in Maceió:

  • Rent a bicycle to get to know the bike path from Maceió Pontal Beach Bar Beach to Jatiúca.
  • Navigate to the natural pools of Pajuçara, the oldest postcard from Maceió, who keep the natural reefs. But Pajuçara is also a sea of leisure opportunities for all. People with limited physical mobility, like the elderly and wheelchair users, have three rafts accessible.
  • The natural pools of Pajuçara are also perfect spas in the open. Far from the city and in the midst of the sea anti-stress massages and exercises are good for body and mind.
  • Pontal da Barra, a neighborhood located on the south coast of Maceió, is the fate to unravel the secrets of the most typical handicrafts of Alagoas: “filé”, a millennial lace embroidery, a tradition passed from mother to daughter. Now, besides women, men also dominate the trade. More than the art of embroiderers, the Pontal da Barra has the most beautiful sunsets in Mundaú Lake and several regional cuisine restaurants.
  • Visit the Handicrafts Market in Central Maceió is also a must. It ceramics, embroidery, leather sandals, straw bags, and especially the sculptures of matchsticks artist Arlino Monteiro To buy the craft still has Feirinha Pajuçara, Pavilion Pajuçara and Guerreiros das Alagoas.
  • Also in the center of Maceió a visit to Karandash art gallery, displaying works of contemporary art and artists of the popular culture of Alagoas.
  • On Sunday take the family for a day of leisure on the beach Pajuçara. The seafront promenade is closed to walking, cycling and promote lots of fun for the children.
  • Catching waves on the beaches of Cruz das Almas, Jatiúca, Jacarecica, and Riacho Doce.
  • Serene beaches: : Pajuçara, Ponta Verde, Jatiúca, Guaxuma, Garça Torta, Mirante da Sereia, Pratagy and Ipioca.
  • On the way, North Coast taste the cakes and sweets from Riacho Doce Beach. Tapioca, beiju, grude, brasileira, coconut sweets, typical cakes, all made from old clay ovens and wood.

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On this excursion, you will visit Maceió’s main tourist and historical attractions. There will be a panoramic tour of the historic Jaraguá quarter, the backdrop for the artistic, cultural and economic development of the capital of Alagoas state. After leaving the City you will head to this beach located on the south coast of Alagoas state. Tourists from all over the world visit Francês beach and it boasts one of the finest coral reefs in Brazil. At low tide, charming bathing pools are formed all along the coast. On your journey there, you will pass the state’s two main lagoons in the middle of which is Santa Rita Island, known as the second largest lake island in Brazil (visible according to tides). There will be some free time to swim and take photos, as well as the option to appreciate the local cuisine in seaside restaurants.
On the way back, we’ll make a brief stop at Pontal da Barra Handicrafts center, where you ’ll see the state’s main arts and embroidery; unique handicrafts such as filé, redendê, and renascença are produced by the local community. Here you will have time to browse the handicrafts on display and do some shopping.
What we’ll see: Downtown, Francês beach, and Pontal da Barra Handicrafts center

Food and beverage: optional
Price: R$ 60,00


Departing from the hotel you will head for the southern coast of Maceió towards the San Miguel estuary. Here, you will board a sailing boat and travel along the San Miguel River and Roteiro Lagoon. There will be a stop at Praia de Gunga, where you will discover sandy shores by the river and the sea. You will have time to admire the natural beauty of the whole region, which has a breathtaking landscape. The sailing boat will then take you back to the port of San Miguel, from where you will take a coach ride to the hotel in the afternoon, you will pass the beaches on the southern coast of Maceió.

Price: R$ 90,00


Excursion to Paripueira Beach, situated on the northern coast of the state, passing by popular beaches like Jarecica and Riacho Doce. Paripueira Beach is part of the “Costa dos Corais” nature preserve, and its municipal marine park is the most important in Brazil. It is also a refuge for the manatee, with the second highest number of tide pools and coral reefs in the world. Visitors can enjoy the hospitality of the Mar & Cia restaurant and watch a charming show featuring aspects of the local Alagoas folk culture, except on Sundays where a DJ plays music and there’ll be also Forró band (regional music) seated comfortably in the shade of beachside coconut palms.

Price: R$ 90,00