Nominations for Best Full Paper Awards

How Complex is the Complexity of a Concept in Exploratory Search
Crystiam Kelle Pereira, Jerry Fernandes Medeiros, Sean W. M. Siqueira, Bernardo Pereira Nunes

A Taxonomy of Game Elements for Gamification in Educational Contexts: Proposal and Evaluation
Armando Toda, Wilk Oliveira, Ana Klock, Lei Shi, Ig Ibert Bittencourt, Isabela Gasparini, Seiji Isotani, Alexandra Cristea and Paula Palomino

Playing a computational thinking game using hand gestures
Elisa Marques de Castro, Tiemi C. Sakata, Luciana A. M. Zaina

uAdventure: Simplifying Narrative Serious Games Development
Pérez-Colado Víctor Manuel, Pérez-Colado Iván José, Freire-Morán Manuel, Martínez-Ortiz Iván, Fernández-Manjón Baltasar

The Dynamics of Motivational and Emotional Challenges and Regulation Strategies in Customer-Driven Project-based Learning
Katerina Mangaroska, Letizia Jaccheri, Boban Vesin, Michail Giannakos

Design and Implementation of an Educational Game Considering Issues for Visual Impaired People Inclusion
Luiz Valério Neto, Paulo H. F. Fontoura Junior, Rogério A. Bordini, Joice L. Otsuka

An Open Model for Student Assessment Visualization
Hiran N. M. Ferreira, Guilherme P. de Oliveira, Rafael D. Araújo, Fabiano A. Dorça, Renan G. Cattelan

Nominations for Best Short Paper Awards

Serious Game Design for Children: Validating a set of guidelines
Matheus Vinicius Valenza, Marcelo da Silva Hounsell, Isabela Gasparini

Scaffolding structured reflective practices in engineering design problem solving
Aastha Patel, Chandan Dasgupta

Predicting Students’ Involvement in Blended Learning Environment
Subrata Tikadar, Samit Bhattacharya

Towards an RPG Game to Teach Calculus
Vinicius Cezar, Patrick Garcia, Viviane Botelho, Evandro M Miletto

Building Conversational Interface for Customer Support applied to Open Campus an open online course provider
André Herrera, Lady Yaguachi, Nelson Piedra

Nominations for Best Poster Paper Awards

Design and Development of 3D Modeling Course Based on Design Thinking
Pengxiang Lu, Yanyan Niu, Yaofeng Xue, Haobin Zhu

Using Blockchain to store teachers’ certification in basic education in Mexico
Ana Lidia Franzoni, Cristina Cárdenas, Alejandro Almazan

A Framework for Applying Game-Based Learning to Improve Social Skills of Elementary School Students with Asperger Syndrome
Kuei-Hui Hsiao, Jia Zhang