Accepted Abstracts


A Recommendation System for Repairing Software Architecture Erosion
Ricardo Terra

Enhancing Conformance Checking for Contract-Based Programs
Alysson Milanez
Evolving C Program Families Safely
Flavio Medeiros
Characterizing Product Line Architecture Recovery
Crescencio Rodrigues Lima Neto
Classifying Metrics For Assessing Object-Oriented Software Maintainability: A Family Of Metrics' Catalogs
Juliana Saraiva
Privacy and Security Policies for Collaborative Crosscutting Tasks
Rodrigo Andrade
Characterizing Code Smell Detection
José A. M. Santos
Parallel Development of Tasks
Paola Accioly
A new approach to bolster Software Engineering Learning Curve
Troy Kohwalter
An Approach for Analyzing Architectures Using Architectural Properties in SysML
Daniel Cunha Da Silva
Developers Assignment for Merging Branches
Catarina Costa
Detecting Behavioral Changes in Refactorings of Concurrent Programs
Felipe Pontes
Sustainable Software Evolution for Ecosystem Architectures
Simone Da Silva Amorim
Continuous Software Development: Unifying development and production environments
Rodrigo A. Vilar
A contribution to the definition and automation of structural testing of autonomous vehicles
Vânia Neves
Safe Evolution of Software Product Lines
Leopoldo Teixeira
Cookbooks for Framework Instantiation: Semi-automated Construction Driven by Examples
Raquel Lafetá
Evaluating and Redesigning Software Applications to Meet Usability Standards and Improve User eXperience Early in the Development Process
Luis Jorge Enrique Rivero Cabrejos
An Approach for Knowledge Management to Facilitate Improvements in Software Organizations
Jacilane Rabelo
On the Reconstruction of High-Level Software Abstractions from Execution Traces
Liliane Do Nascimento Vale
Conquering Exceptions with a Recommender System
Eiji Adachi Barbosa
Identification and Management of Technical Debt using Software Visualization Resources
Thiago Mendes
Bug Reopening: Impact of Process and Design Variables
Rodrigo Souza
A Recommendation System for Product Configuration in Software Product Lines
Juliana Pereira
Certification-Based Development Methodology of Biomedical Signal Acquisition Systems
Alvaro Sobrinho
Using CBAR Concepts to Automate Test Oracles for TTS systems
Rafael Oliveira
On the Synthesis of Architecturally-relevant Code Anomalies
Willian Oizumi
Supporting newcomers overcoming barriers to contribute to Open Source Software projects
Igor Steinmacher
How can visualization help developers improve exception handling design?
Benjamin Jakobus
Do the refactoring activities improve software maintainability?
Diego Cedrim
Analyzing and Supporting Behavior Preservation in Software Refactorings
Leonardo Sousa
On Leveraging Interactive Detection of Code Anomalies
Danyllo Albuquerque
Understanding the Time Effectiveness of Pairs in Identifying Code Anomalies
Roberto Oliveira
Towards a Process Models to Conduct Software Engineering Experiments
Liliane Fonseca
Crowdsourcing: Software Industry transformation and disruption
Leticia Santos Machado
Using social, history and technical aspects from software development to explain the ocorruence of co-changes
Igor Scaliante Wiese
On the evaluation of Distributed Collaborative Programming
Bernardo Estácio
Safe Monitoring of Physical Exercises
Elthon Oliveira
Exploring Architectute Blueprints for Prioritzing Critical Code Anomalies
Everton Guimaraes
Improving the usability through the creation of models in early stages of the software process
Natasha Valentim
An Approach for History-Sensitive Reliability Verification for Software Product Lines
Andre Luiz Peron Martins Lanna
Strategies for Prioritizing Test Cases Generated Through Model-Based Testing Approaches
Joao Felipe Silva Ouriques
Towards Effort Estimation in Software Testing Projects
Thiago Silva-De-Souza


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